Halal Conversation Starter Pack for Muslim Matrimony

July 22, 2022
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Halal Conversation Starter Pack (for Muslim Matrimony)

Hello. How are you?

Salam. Kaifa Halika?

Hola. Como estas?

Bonjour. Comment ça va?

Adaab. Kaise hain aap?

What happens after the basic niceties? What is a Halal Conversation Starter Pack? Is there an awkward silence? Do you wait for the person on the other end to say something or do you start off on your own without waiting for verbal and visual clues? What is it that you should say without appearing narcissistic or a pushover? How exactly can you strike a balance? Follow the course of this blog to find ways that enable you to have a confident demeanor and allow your progress towards finding your Muslim partner in marriage.

How do you really start a conversation that lands you the title of a sure-fire winner?

Set the other person at ease. This is the first, most important rule. You would have some basic information about them through their SyedMatch profile and it would be prudent for you to not repeat that to avoid sounding like someone without common sense. Try making a start with any of the following:

  • I’m glad you accepted my request. I thank you for your trust.

Indicates that you are humble and understand the nuances of communication through online matrimonial or matchmaking websites.

  • I found myself on this platform by a stroke of luck but I’m hoping that my luck will carry me forward to reach a destination that is consistent with Islamic teachings and moral boundaries.

What this does is that it indicates your willingness to marry clearly and eradicates any doubts regarding your intentions.

  • What are the best times to reach out to you?

Relays that you are respectful of their boundaries and are willing to allow them to set the terms. Creating a level of trust

halal conversation with muslim partner

Dos and Don’ts in initial communication through Muslim matrimony websites

Don’t ask probing questions. Manage the conversation by steering away from pointed questions unless they offer that information themselves. Don’t ask boring questions like “what are your interests?” It’s the most tired question in the history of finding a spouse. Do ask questions along the lines of:

  • would you rather
  • bucket list
  • what makes you laugh
  • what makes you cry

What such questions would do, is they would break the ice, put you both at ease and form the foundation of an amicable relationship before it progresses into something more. Another tip to follow is to allow them to ask you the same questions and offer genuine replies, to further cement your honesty and true interest in finding a spouse through SyedMatch’s messenger service.

Holding your own when your family isn’t involved in the introductions for marriage

Staying true to yourself and leaving all pretense behind is the best way to start and maintain your grasp on the conversation without sounding too earnest or too overconfident. Talk about your family respectfully indicating to the potential partner your level of attachment and involvement to them. Strike a balance where you don’t come off as a show-off or someone who puts other people down for their shortcomings. There is another approach you can take, to talk about relationships with others and perspectives on life. You may set the stage by talking or asking about

  • secret accomplishments
  • strangest things you have done
  • dares that you or they have undertaken and why

Let’s reiterate how integral honesty is, to this process of finding possible life partners through online marriage platforms. You must establish trust and understanding to take that leap of faith before you meet in person. Gaining insights into their reactions to certain situations will prepare you to understand their compatibility with you and your lifestyle and allow you to make an informed decision at an earlier phase of courtship.

Ending on a high by leaving a great first impression on a potential halal partner

We have spoken about starting and maintaining a certain cadence while communicating, but how do you end a conversation for the day. It’s not the early 2000s, so saying “tc” is not going to cut it. “Ok cool” leaves them hanging, “gtg” would make them feel unimportant. So, end the conversation by cracking a joke and telling them that “let us reconnect again to keep laughing.” This would make them think about you during the time that you aren’t talking and would also paint you as congenial and interested. Of course, none of these tips would work for everyone as all humans come with different mindsets, religious affiliations, and aspirations. Their timeline for getting married may be different than yours. However, stay true to yourself and you can be sure that one day you will find the one meant for you nothing would make us happier if you found them through our platform, SyedMatch, a Muslim matrimony site providing Muslims with opportunities of #keepingithalal.

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