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To create your profile on SyedMatch, you simply need to fill out our Registration Form, which is extremely user friendly. Upon filling your details, your profile will be verified and you shall receive a notification via email/sms upon verification.
No you can make your profile irrespective of your caste or ethnicity.
Yes, you can edit your profile anytime you want. Simply log in to your account and click on the edit settings option.
Most of the information in your profile can be easily changed by using the “Edit Profile” option. However, certain key areas are locked and can only be changed after contacting customer care.
Your email is the primary method of contact and can only be changed by contacting support/customer care.
To make SyedMatch a trusted platform we ensure that each profile’s relevant information is as per the submitted documents. Changing display names is not permissible in order to maintain authenticity of the available profiles.
During the Initial verification process, a photo ID will be saved in the database. This is to ensure integrity of the profiles. It is necessary for identification purposes to have a photo in your profile (We suggest that you keep a picture as guided by per our Terms & conditions / Privacy Policy, otherwise your profile may get reported by other users or deactivated by the Administrator). However, you still have the option to turn on your privacy settings, which allows only profiles on your list to be able to view your photo.
Yes! SyedMatch values and protects your privacy. We ensure that your photograph is watermarked & Right Click Prohibited. This way, your photo is protected from being tampered with.
jpg, jpeg, gif, or png format are popular image formats which are compatible online. SyedMatch accepts these formats for your profile photo. Upload a photo that is in one of these formats to avoid this error message.
You can activate privacy mode if you want to hide your picture from those that are not on your friends’ list. You can also remove/change your photos from your profile except one picture (used for verification) that will be permanently stored on the database. This photograph will not be available for everyone.
You can search for a match by specifying your criteria such as age, height, and so on. You can do so by using the filter option is partner preferences.
No, Shortlisting is not available right now, if you are interested in a profile, kindly send them a request.
Yes. It is possible to enroll a family member, relative or a friend. However, the information provided to create the profile must be authentic and used with the approval of said person for verification purposes. Any profile made without the said person’s approval shall be considered fraudulent.
There are NO chances at all of any fake profiles in the website. We make sure to verify every profile before assigning an ID to it. Still, if you find any problem or discrepancy in any profile, you can report to us and we shall take appropriate action based on it.
You can delete your profile after finding your perfect match and your marriage. You can contact us for the same and we will be happy to add your success story on our website.
Our search options are based on your preferences. Your preferred matches will appear in the results you are looking for. It is a user-friendly process and you can contact the profiles that interest you.
Every new profile will be validated by our Backend Team and upon activation, your profile will be visible to all! Verification of profiles is done manually. Our support team checks each and every profile carefully for any invalid or incorrect information. Candidates are contacted over the phone for confirmation of authority/authenticity. You will get a call within 48 hours for the verification process. You will also get an email notification, once your profile is active on SyedMatch within 7 working days on average.
Go to the subscription tab and select the membership level you wish to upgrade to.
  • You should only provide accurate information.
  • You should fill each and every field in the profile correctly and accurately.
  • You should only include valid phone numbers and Email ID.
  • You should submit the details & your IDs
  • You should add a latest photograph.
  • Verify all details before submitting
(All the above will be used to complete verification process and then your profile will go live on SyedMatch)
Members can view all of your details if they/accept the ID request.
We understand that it may become tedious for you to fill in a long form in one go. However, matrimony is a serious commitment and it important to convey detailed information to the interested members. The more information you provide about yourself, the more likely you are to be contacted by other members of SyedMatch, whose details have been thoroughly verified as well. So please do take time to complete your profile and your efforts shall be rewarded in the form of a perfect match.
All details entered by you are closely scrutinized. Profiles that are submitted by underage people, profiles that contain abusive content and profiles with invalid data and incomplete information will be ignored. We aim to maintain the high quality of profiles in the database. We stand to serve only those members who are serious about marriage and make use of the service.
No, there is no limit on the number of messages but the number of requests can be upgraded by choosing the right membership plan.
You could have received these messages due to any of the following reasons:
  • You might have entered incorrect password/email address
  • Unnecessary spaces in the Email ID typed
  • Make sure you have verified your email.
  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts your profile will be locked for 10 min. Retry after 10 min to reset password.
  • If there you still face an issue with logging in, please contact customer care..
Click on the Forgot password link on the page (just under member login), provide your Email ID. You will receive an e-mail with your login details and then an e-mail on resetting password. In-case you cannot remember your Email ID at all, please feel free to contact us.
No, there is no limit.
In accordance to the Islamic principles, you are only allowed to search profiles of the opposite gender.
You need to adjust your filter/search criteria.
You will be notified via email/SMS if the member responds to your request. You will also receive a notification when you log in to your profile. You can view how many members have accepted/declined your Interest on “Your Profile page”.
Yes, you can "Block" a member. If you have accepted a prior request you can easily block him/her at a later.
No, once declined, you cannot "Accept" a member's interest, but you can send him a request from your end.
No, we suggest that you carefully identify and manage your requests. However, if you do not receive a response within 30 days, then your request will automatically be cancelled.
No, our system sends automatic notification to users regarding pending request/notifications.
Yes, you can send interest requests to a member who has declined a prior request. However, you have to be careful because the user may choose to report you.
You can report a profile by clicking on the report button and citing a reason.
You can add up to 5 photos in your profile. All the pictures should be yours but you are encouraged to put at least one family picture to get better matches The maximum size allowed per photo is 5 MB.
You can upload and set your profile image by using any of the following approaches:
  • Directly upload profile picture from profile section.
  • Profile picture can be uploaded from chat section
  • Profile picture can be uploaded & set as profile image from gallery Section.
Initially, a user can deactivate his/her profile if they are inactive. If they want to completely remove their profile from SyedMatch, their profile is deleted but a backup is retained in the database for up-to 30 days. The profile once deleted from our database cannot be restored /reactivated.
For now it’s just PayPal but in future we will add more options in payment gateway options.
Yes, It is very secure. All payment are done from paypal Secure Servers
The User ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling/friend.
Confirm whether any email ID has been added in your profile. If it is already added, check if it is correct. Check your mail for spam/bulk folder. In case emails from us are directed to your spam folder; click "Not Spam" in your inbox/mail option. or add to contacts
SyedMatch is eager to help you find your partner at the earliest. Customer care is always a top priority to us. You can feel free to contact our customer care team by filling in the query form that is given at the bottom of website/Homepage.
No, there is no third party between SyedMatch and you.