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February 15, 2023
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So, you didn’t look for or didn’t find love through a typical meet cute. Hey! It’s okay life is not really a Nancy Myers or Yash Raj movie. No matter the reason why you are still single, there are literally so many ways to change that. You have decided that you have reached a juncture in your life where you want to start looking for a life partner. There are a number of matchmaking services, apps, and websites to choose from for matrimony. Pick a forum that you feel is best suited to your personality and needs. For example, if you are a single Muslim looking for a match, you could head to SyedMatch, where you can find several possible matches based on your preferences. Once you have chosen a forum, what is the first step that you must take? You must create a profile and for obvious reasons, will need a banging profile photo to accompany that.

Creating a Profile for a Suitable Match

A profile should ideally contain your name, age, location, education, a bit about your physical attributes, and some bits about your family and then what activities you prefer to engage in. This is basically a small window that allows people on the other end to catch a glimpse of you. Although it may not be enough to decide whether someone is 100% into you, it is enough to allow them to decide if they are willing to test the waters with you. Set your expectations and preferences clearly if the app or service allows you to do so. This will help the algorithm narrow down the most suitable matches for you. Next up, choose a profile photo to be displayed with your profile overview.

A Suitable Photo to Accompany a Worthy Profile

A Suitable Photo to Accompany a Worthy Profile

Once you have created a profile, the second most important step is choosing a profile photo. A supporting profile picture can talk volumes about you. Therefore, you should choose a photo that honestly portrays your true self, and in doing so eliminate any doubts about your integrity. If someone thinks your profile overview is good and they want to take things further with you they must get good vibes from your photo as well, or else all is in vain.

We will guide you through what ideal profile photos may look like. You can choose to upload any of the following types of photos. You may even add more to your gallery to allow a better peek into who you are.

Full length

A full-length photo is an all-out full disclosure. It displays your dressing sense, your posture, your surroundings, and your confidence or the lack of it. This will depict your honesty in the fickle, filtered world of social media. It will show that you’re truly out there looking for a true match. This will also allow you to show that you are proud of your physical attributes. Your height or weight will not come as a surprise when a prospective match wants to personally meet you.


A portrait photo typically centers the head and shoulders. When you think of a portrait photo you immediately think, of boring backgrounds of white, blue or brown. Change that mindset! Shoot portraits with interesting backgrounds, something that will allow your photo to gain more attention than others. Ensure that the way the light falls on your face highlights your features and it appears well-lit. Please DO NOT add filters or take photos in a light that gets rid of all skin texture. It seems unnatural and fake. Commit to honesty and to appearing genuine. A portrait photo accompanied by a full-length photo can increase your chances of visibility, as it provides a zoomed-in, clearer image of you.

Way of Life

Way of Life

In addition to the full-length and portrait photos, you can add lifestyle photos to your gallery or choose to display such a picture on its own as well. Similar to the full-length photo, a lifestyle photo tells a story about your life. You could be pictured having a good time. This could mean an aesthetic photo of you when out for a coffee or a stroll, walking your dog, playing with your cat, reading a book, etc. It makes you more human, more relatable, and definitely more likable. People want to make associations with others who they can find a connection with. A lifestyle photo increases your chances of forming a connection with a simple action like uploading the right photo. An important point to remember here is that lifestyle photos should not include other friends or family members as it may take away the focus from you.

Favored Spots

A picture of you chilling in your favorite location could show many things e.g. you can take out time from a busy schedule to relax, you’re fond of traveling or have an active lifestyle. Again, such a photo increases your chances of gaining relatability. Some prospective matches who may aspire to visit the place depicted in your photo may reach out to you; some who aim to strike a work-life balance may reach out to you as well. A favored spot photo showcases you as someone who possesses the physical means and mental resilience to achieve what they aim for, a sought-after quality in most cases.

Leisure Activities

A photo of you with your guitar, chess board, golf club, and painting easel as a prop provides a peek glance into your life. Without sounding like a broken record, including a visual like this improves your chances of being relatable. It shows your creative side and that is always a plus. If you really don’t have a hobby, then don’t fake it. You could shoot a creative shot with your TV and popcorn in the frame. Get creative and increase your chances of being seen.

Playful or interactive

Spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment captures is a plus. It shows that you are not particularly posing or trying too hard to impress. Include fun moments in which you clearly appear to be having fun. Show the crazy, cheeky, fun style of your personality and put a smile on someone’s face. Fluid movements captured by a self-timer or a friend would be your best bet. Reveal a side of you that allows a prospect to view you as an open-minded person.

Playful or interactive

The above are some tips with which you can create profile photos that are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. There are also some pointers on what not to do: Try not to appear arrogant and vain in the profile photos. Sure, depict the best version of yourself without appearing to be a try-hard. Photos in front of cars are very 2000, don’t do it, it will show you as childish and conceited at the same time.  Grainy, blurred-out photos are a big NO. As is cropping out friends with a sticker or a bad edit. If you like yourself in that photo, you can look at it on your own, please only upload photos that have been taken of you alone.

Having followed the do’s and don’ts of profile photos, remember it’s also about connecting with the right person at the right time. Give it your best and let SyedMatch do the rest. Create a profile today and get the advantage of verified Muslim matrimonial services with the help of the tips and increase your chances of finding the one meant for you.

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