Reflection Of Parents Relationship On The Next Generation

September 16, 2022
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As they say, your children will be who you are; so be who you want them to be. The best institution to instill positivity, education, and goodness inside the children are parents themselves. They serve as role models for their kids not only through direct interactions but also through their behavior and attitude. The concept of family has variations across the globe, where you can find different shades of love in individuality and the family on the whole. Some are close-knitted, with grandparents and extended families jointly living together, while others may be nuclear in structure. Nevertheless, the family structure, norms, and culture strongly transfer values to the new generation.

What Is The Reflection Of Parents’ Relationship On The Next Generation?

reflection of parents' relationship

Your children are watching you, learning from you, and listening to you, so all your actions and words are directly setting an example for them. Your role as parents will help them understand the concept of relationships and help them live theirs. You are a source of inspiration for them to cherish and kindle the love and bonding.

Children are susceptible to their dynamic surroundings, reflecting the aura. So if they live in a home that feels non-toxic, wholehearted, and nurturing, they’ll be happy, grow much more quickly and healthily, and uphold a constructive perspective on life.

Sanctity of Marriage

sanctity of marriage

The foremost thing that children learn from their parent’s relationship is the sanctity of the institution of marriage. Especially in the Muslim communities living abroad, the popularity of many dating sites such as Tinder and the prevalent idea of live-in relationships in this digital age presents many problems. Teenagers and youth must understand the purity of wedlock. A healthy marital relationship between parents will encourage them to follow the traditions and cherish the bonding. They will look for Muslim matrimonial services for matchmaking rather than fleeting affairs.

Setting roles

setting roles

In customary gender roles, husbands are typecast as the breadwinners while wives are meant to be pictures of devotion. The changing world dynamics have also impacted the traditional idea of husband and wife’s roles. With the concept of househusbands and working moms, children are evolving with changing trends. But both parents must fulfill their duties to ensure that the children learn the concept of teamwork. It is all about sharing responsibilities. So that whenever a child witnesses both parents enjoying helping each other with house chores, it will teach them cooperation and domestic family values.

Conflict resolution

muslim conflict resolution

It is natural for humans to have conflicting views and opinions, but what is essential is how calmly and peacefully the conflict is resolved. Raging quarrels and feuds negatively impact the children’s confidence, and broken families fuel regressiveness and insecurities. Healthy discussions and conflict resolution prepare the new generation for handling pressure, criticism, and differentiating opinions. It will also teach them compromise, flexibility, and tolerance.

Living the relationship

Reflection Of Parents’ Relationship On The Next Generation

You will teach your children how to treat your spouse through your marriage. For example, a young boy may absorb how to be a protective and caring husband from watching his dad, and a young girl may note her mother being a compassionate wife and follow in her footsteps. Let them learn love and respect through your actions because everything influences your children’s behavior.

Setting priorities

halal way of relationship

If you cannot create a work-life balance or set priorities as parents, you will be unable to get out of the loop of work, family, hobbies, and commitments. However, if you want your children to enjoy a blissful marriage of their own, you have to make your family a high priority. Make sure your children see the love and affection in your marital relationship. Arrange dinner nights, and give gifts to each other as it will help your future generations to learn how to show intimacy in their relationships when it is their time.

Right way

Having said that, there are many people in the surrounding whose parents did not get along, but they have an ideal relationship with their spouses. So, as we mature as individuals, and gain exposure to the right thing, we should learn and grow positively. If you believe that your parents’ toxic relationship has affected you, seek therapy, discuss it openly with your spouse, and strive to be a better version of your parents without blaming them.

If you are a parent reading this blog, allow your child to learn from his or her surroundings and assist them in becoming individuals by trusting them. If you are part of the next generation reading this, be cautious of your behaviors and strive to pursue the halal route while giving your relationship your all. Investigate platforms like SyedMatch to find like-minded people to marry with and explore options in a halal way.

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