What Are The Elements Of A Successful Muslim Marriage

July 8, 2022
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What Are The Elements Of Successful Muslim Marriage

What makes for a lasting and happy marriage? This is a question that sells magazines and gets hits on blog posts. It is not without merit. What makes it such a compelling read, is the fact that singles and couples actually do want an answer to this frequently asked question. Making a commitment to someone for life is no mean feat. Like most things in this life, no relationship comes with a manual. Couples young and old keep looking for the key to a strong and steady relationship.

Partner In Harmony

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The key to having a happy marriage is to number one, choose a partner that is in sync with your ideology in life. Outlook towards honesty, cleanliness, religion, love, growth, profession, expectations, and equality, should be discussed in length to gauge if there is a personality match or not. Surely, people having varying ideas can grow together as well but allowing extra room for friction, at times, can turn into a daily struggle.

Partner In Evolution

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Number two, while searching for a match, whether through your own network of friends and family or through Muslim Rishta services or online Muslim matrimony websites and apps; find someone who is willing to evolve with their partner. Evolution in a relationship does not imply that the bride/groom simply refutes the draconian concepts of gender roles. It means that the partner is willing to lend an ear to changing ideas, passions and needs of their companion. It also means there is room in the relationship to grow for both.

Partners In Progression

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SyedMatch takes pride in having diverse members. As most of our members are dignified professionals, we hope to facilitate all parties towards a match that is in line with their beliefs as practicing Muslims with progressive ideas. Partners that validate career aspirations and respect all forms of education and professional achievements.

Partners In Candor

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As Muslims, there is always that taboo about being too forward if too many questions are asked before and sometimes also after marriage. Understand that honesty is key and ALWAYS move in that direction. Take ownership of your actions and be candid about your dealings in life. Respect each other’s privacy but also keep it balanced for both parties. Take responsibility when it’s your fault in an argument or situation. Discuss if anything makes you feel unsettled instead of putting a lid on it. A truthful environment is an ecosystem for healthy relationships.

Partners In All Investments

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Lastly, invest in your relationship as it is the most important asset that you will ever invest in. Put in love, attention, and quality time and watch it offer returns that are millionfold of your own effort. Include your partner in decision-making, whether it is a decision centering around finances or around how you would decorate your living space. Such inclusion not only serves as a reminder of your trust in your partner but also allows you to learn and grow as a team. This behavior is also an emulation of our beloved Prophet’s (PBUH) conduct in married life.

So, if you are a single Muslim ready to take the next step and are looking for Muslim matrimonial services. Take these tips to heart, say Bismillah, and sign up for SyedMatch, a platform that offers services true to its name.  With the grace of Allah, you will find a suitable match here, while keeping it Halal. Remember, matches are made in heaven but preserved in this life.

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