What Makes A Muslim Marriage Long-Lasting – Is It Passionate Love OR Compassionate Love?

June 28, 2022
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What Makes A Muslim Marriage Long-Lasting? Love is something that we all get to experience in life. It is a universal truth and the most powerful emotion in the world. But there is a question that needs to be answered, does love last in any relationship? With the passage of time, passionate love will have a very different impact as compared to compassionate love.

Falling In Love

Let’s first understand the difference between passionate love and compassionate love. Passionate love is basically ‘falling in love’ or you can say that it is an infatuation, and it focuses more on oneself. It reaches its high and is said to cool down quickly. Companionate love is all about loving the other person, showing caring and concern for the other person, focusing on building an affection bond and a lifetime partnership. The focus in compassionate love remains stable, or it increases over a period. Love just doesn’t become a physical sensation, there is a shift from physical passion to emotional and devotional bonding.

Key to Happiness

When we talk about marriages, we need to know understand the impact of love whether its passionate or compassionate in a relationship. The key to happiness doesn’t lie in “falling in love” rather it depends more on how partners “stay in love.” It indeed is a challenging phase for a couple’s life that they must endure to get to a relationship that completes them.

What is Love

Love in a marriage takes many shapes and forms, it would be a grievous error to define love by chocolates, flowers and gifts. It is mindboggling when people give so much importance to passionate love and make commitment decisions based on it. Not knowing that it will inevitably evolve into another form. What keeps the flame ignited? Any relationship’s well-being depends on finding comfort with your partner and that’s what psychologists call compassionate love. Love that is truly based on understanding, commitment, affection, and mutual respect.

Staying in Love

Ultimately whatever a couple decides, is up to them and nobody else. When you spend time with your partner, you get to know what and when is the right time for them to grow from passionate love to compassionate love. There can be romance and excitement in a marriage, but it can not be a driving force for any marriage to last. It’s all about “staying in love” by showing affection, care, concern, and devotion to each other that helps create a fulfilling and long-lasting marriage!

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